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Meteor Arena is a versus 2D game for two players with a top-down view.

Each player controls a flying drone in the arena. They start with the meteor hammer weapon attached to their drone that they can bash into their opponent. They also start with a crate next to them containing a random weapon:

  • Cannon
  • Bomb Launcher (fires a bomb that can be exploded by firing again)
  • Harpoon Launcher (attach itself to the other player and is used to throw it against walls).
  • Machine Gun
  • Sniper (hold the fire button to aim and release it to fire)

Choose to use it or not in order to defeat the other player!

Published Aug 06, 2017
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Top-Down, Versus

Install instructions

This works straight out of the Zip !


v0.10.zip 20 MB

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