A downloadable game for Windows

Current is finished story-based puzzle game made for the 2016 One Button Jam.

The Left Click allows you to follow the flow of electric current to activate devices and open paths. And that's it!

Install instructions

Works out of the box.


Current v0.04 24 MB


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I like this game... very cool, original idea and great mechanics... is something that I would buy... work in it!

Hey! I'm glad you played it and enjoyed it. It's indeed something I would like to keep working on because there are a lot of ideas I couldn't make into the jam timeframe. That's a nice starting ground nonetheless especially since the level-design tools I would need to make the game just need some polish to be easily usable.

I'll sure be considering this in the future.

Really cool so far. I like the mechanic, and the story so far is enticing. I'd love to see a continuation!


Thanks a lot for the kind words. My level-building tools are a nightmare to use but I'm hoping I'll be able to make all the content I want and to polish it before the end of the Jam. It's pretty short but a pretty good demo I think.